Version 2017-revision C (June 2018)

  1. A bug in the dimensionality in some arrays in alloc.f90 has been fixed. This bug affects calculations with using more than 3N-6 redundant internal coordinates with CURV3 option turned on.

Version 2017-revision B (October 2017)

  1. A minor bug in the conversion of free energy has been fixed.

Version 2017 (August 2017)

  1. A bug in the CUS option has been fixed.
  2. A bug in the QRST option has been fixed. This bug causes a change (especially at high temperatures) in the TST and CVT rate constants when QRST option is turned on.
  3. The configure script has been modified in order to fix a problem that affected the installation of VRC version of the Polyrate.

Version 2016-2A (November 2016)

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version 2016-2 (October 2016)

  1. The SS-QRRK code for pressure-dependent rate constants has been included as a utility code.

Version 2016 (August 2016)